Life - a shadow and a dream /
Die lewe is 'n skadu teen die muur | 2011

The music on this CD is reflective in nature. The programme deals with the fact that, in the midst of life and abundance, we are in death. We look for comfort in various ways, for example by trying to escape into dreams. We seek Christ as our helper, as He has already conquered death. We find solace in the knowledge that we, like our loved ones, will continue to live on in lovely things.


Palissander 15 | 2007

We formed Palissander in 1992 with the belief and dream of making soul music. This CD portrays our gratitude for all the blessings we have received through the first 15 years. It celebrates eight concepts that have given direction since our inception: "Hope, faith, life, love, dream, joy truth, soul.”


Siyahamba | 2005

Siyahamba features South African works from Palissander’s 2004 programme that commemorated 10 years of democracy in South Africa. The CD refers to the joyful prospect of a new South Africa in which we will be able to live as one in a brotherhood of man. The tracks depict South Africa’s journey from darkness, in which we focused on killing one another, to a home in which there will be no colour nor race, and in which we will be a great happy family of God. The title track refers to the fact that this journey was made possible by the light of God. The CD was recorded in the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria with members of The Soccajasco Kids, with whom Palissander has been co-operating since 2002.


Almost like a song | 1999

Almost like a song is a compilation of favourites with both the audience and the choir since its inception in January 1992 up to 1999. Former members were therefore invited to participate in the recording of the CD. At the time of recording this CD Palissander consisted of 16 members. 


Hymn to Life | 2008

South Africa is currently experiencing one of the worst AIDS epidemics in the world. Each member of the South African community has to decide how to respond to this challenge. As in the case of facing the challenge of HIV/AIDS, every person and community worldwide has to make numerous critical choices as we search for our place in life. Will we choose isolation, violence or compassion? Will we stand up for what we believe? Each of us is like a music box with a unique song. The choices that we make reflect this song. May people hear, when they listen closely, a hymn to life, rather than a song of despair.


Silent Night / Stille Nag | 2005

This single was released in 2005 for the Christmas season. We created a unique version of Silent Night during our 2004 tour to France, which contrast the rich alto voice of Sara Mmaledi with the clear soprano voice of Classina Cornelius. We received many requests to record it. The CD also contains 1998 recordings of Heilig, heilig, heilig from the German Mass by Franz Schubert and W.A. Mozart’s Ave verum Corpus.


Moment | 2003

In 2000 Palissander toured through Canada with a programme entitled Music of the Spheres. The ancient Greeks believed that one’s soul has to be in harmony with the music made by the heavenly bodies as they move through space. We have chosen this idea of harmony, from the title track Moment, as the theme for the CD. Following from the theme of harmony, we devote a portion of the CD to the peace programme that we performed in Norway in 2002 and in Kenya in 2003.