Life - a shadow and a dream /
Die lewe is 'n skadu teen die muur | 2011

The music on this CD is reflective in nature. The programme deals with the fact that, in the midst of life and abundance, we are in death. We look for comfort in various ways, for example by trying to escape into dreams. We seek Christ as our helper, as He has already conquered death. We find solace in the knowledge that we, like our loved ones, will continue to live on in lovely things.


Track Composer/Arranger
Fragile Sting, arr. Deke Sharon
Butterfly Mia Makaroff
Skadu`s teen die muur Koos du Plessis, arr. Sarita Hauptfleisch
The cloudcapp`d towers Ralph Vaughan Williams
Sleep Eric Whitacre
Media vita Medieval, arr. Michael McGlynn
Postscriptum - prayer Zbigniew Preisner, adapted Henda Parker
Cover me with the night Peter Klatzow
Spreek in woord Awie van Wyk
Ave verum corpus William Byrd
Lullaby Billy Joel, arr. Niel van der Watt
Lacrymosa: do not stand at my grave and weep Howard Goodall, adapted Sarita Hauptfleisch
God be in my head John Rutter


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