Siyahamba | 2005


We have chosen the Joyful Prospect panel of the Voortrekker tapestry in the Voortrekker Monument as our cover. The complete tapestry consists of 15 panels and is a highlight in South African art needlework. The title Joyful Prospect refers to the news of successful negotiations with the Zulu king that allowed some of the Trekkers to cross the Drakensberg into Natal.
This CD, Siyahamba, refers to a different joyful prospect, namely that of a new South Africa in which we will be able to live as one in a brotherhood of man (track 11). The tracks depict South Africa’s journey from darkness, in which we focused on killing one another (track 2), to a home in which there will be no colour nor race, and in which we will be a great happy family of God (track 13). The title track (track 1) refers to the fact that this journey was made possible by the light of God. Even in the darkness we never lost faith: “We’ve come this far by faith, trusting and leaning on the Lord. He saw us through it all, through affliction and tribulation He never failed us” (track 13).
We are proud to have recorded this CD in the Voortrekker Monument with members of The Soccajasco Kids, with whom we have been co-operating since 2002. These homeless black teenagers are being taught life skills through African drumming as part of an outreach project by the University of Pretoria. It is an indication of how far South Africa has come that performers across racial, age and gender divides found it natural to record this CD of hope in the Voortrekker Monument, which has traditionally been associated with strife amongst South Africans. 
Let us all remain one more voice for peace and love (track 7).
Track Composer/Arranger Sound Sample
Siyahamba Traditional, ed. Doreen Rao  
Bawo, Thixo Somandla Traditional, arr. J.SM. Khumalo  
Khutšo - chant for peace Mokale Koapeng/Roderick Williams  
Spreek in Woord en stiltes Awie van Wyk  
Psalm 23 Niel van der Watt  
UJehova Monkitsi Seoketsa  
One more voice Meki Nzewi  
Halala Afrika Johannes Kerkorrel, arr. Sarita Hauptfleisch  
Nosa oes ge ne sa Traditional  
Akhala amaqhude amabili Traditional arr. J.S.M. Khumalo  
Riding on a Rainbow Chris de Burgh, harmonised by Palissander
South African national anthem Enoch Sontonga & Dirkie de Villiers  
Home Bheka Dlamini  

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