Palissander 15 | 2007


We formed Palissander in 1992 with the belief and dream of making soul music. This CD portrays our gratitude for all the blessings we have received through the first 15 years.
It celebrates eight concepts that have given direction since our inception: "Hope, faith, life, love, dream, joy truth, soul":
  • We celebrate the hope-filled themes that have given meaning to our programmes
  • We celebrate our faith that we would succeed in our quest to touch lives
  • We celebrate the now as the time of your life
  • We celebrate love as that which gives meaning to everything else
  • We celebrate our dream of making magical music together
  • We celebrate the joy of having been blessed, the joy that the gift of music has brought us, and the joy of being able to make music together as a group
  • We celebrate that, when we are guided by the truth, our searching souls become filled with joy
  • We celebrate our focus on making soul music
    We would like to carry this celebration into the world and to share it with everyone who listens to the recordings. May it bring us shared inspiration for a new life.
    Track Composer/Arranger
    Beati quorum via Charles Villiers Stanford
    Hope, faith, life, love.. Eric Whitacre
    Postscriptum- prayer Zbigniew Preisner
    Prayer of the children Kurt Bestor, arr. Andrea S. Klouse
    Splinterruit Koos du Plessis, arr. Neil van der Watt
    Gloria Vytautas Miškinis
    Ukuthula Traditional
    The present tense Knut Nystedt
    The rose Amanda McBroom, arr. King's Singers, adapted S. Hauptfleisch
    Only you Vincent Clarke, arr. Flying Pickets
    On Hetki Ikka Kuusisto
    But these are they that forsake the Lord / For ye shall go out with joy Randall Thompson
    Psalm 42/43 Loys Bourgeois
    I can tell the world Traditional spiritual, arr. Moses Hogan
    The prayer of St Francis R. Delgado, arr. A. Pote


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