Music for the soul

Palissander`s purpose is to nourish people`s souls.
Some quotes from Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner follow that support our view of soul music:

We forget ourselves and allow ourselves to be inspired

"You must be nothing but an ear that hears what the universe of the world is constantly saying within you." (p 77)
"One of the attractions of art is the possibility it affords of opening the heart, of being exposed to a level of inspiration not usually experienced. It excites and delights." (p 82)

We serve as healers

"Ultimately, musicians of the world must come to realise the potential of their calling. Like the shamans, we may serve as healers, metaphysicians, inciters, exciters, spiritual guides and sources of inspiration. If the musician is illumined from within, he becomes a lamp that lights other lamps. Then he is serving as a vehicle for the healing ocean of sound to wash over our planet and its people, healing what ails us. Such music is truly important." (p 49)
"Fearless expression is just moving from one note to the other, seeking unity with one`s inner self, and unlocking an ocean of music for others to replenish themselves." (p 78)

We sing out of our need for the music

"In the hands of people who have transcended their egos, music has the potential of changing lives. Even when novices go to their concerts, they feel something opening inside. After attending a concert containing this special feeling, they may be motivated to wait fifteen extra minutes before turning on the television upon arriving home. If the music had that effect, it was indeed important!" (p 82)
"We must decide that it`s more important to surrender to the space and to love what it gives us than to play well. Once that decision is made, music will open herself to us and reveal all her secrets. We will experience waves of joy. Then we will become beacons that can light the way for others, and our mission will truly become important." (p 85)
"Try to imagine the first musician. He was not playing for an audience, or a market, or working on his next recording, or touring with his show, or working on his image. He was playing out of need, out of his need for the music. Every year the number of musicians who remember why they play music in the first place gets smaller." (p 31)

We channel ideas and sounds from an inner space of joy

"There is a place inside each of us where perfection exists. All the creative possibilities of the universe are to be found there. It is the innate ability of each of us to channel an endless stream of life-enhancing ideas and celebratory sounds for the upliftment of mankind. The outer music is then imbued with the light of the universe and its great transforming power." (p 77)
"The Inner Space is the place where joy, pleasure and fulfillment are available in unlimited supply. Acceptance of these gifts allows the flow to increase. Performances given from this state are said to be greatly inspired, leaving their audience profoundly moved. A concert given by a performer who has attained this state is regarded as an event not to be missed." (p 79)

We unclutter our minds when performing

"As you play, there must be no intellectual interference. Intellect has to surrender to instinct when it is time to play." (p 90)
"Power comes from being yourself. You can never get it by recreating. You have to create. For music to be real, it has to come from a deeper place than the `little mind` and we can hear the difference!" (p 90)

Technique enables us to express ourselves

"I love to let the great spirit manifest through me. She only gets stuck when I go for something that`s not there technically. That distracts me from the bliss I am receiving." (p 105)