Moment | 2003


In 2000, Palissander toured through Canada with a programme entitled Music of the Spheres. The ancient Greeks believed that one`s soul has to be in harmony with the music made by the heavenly bodies as they move through space. We have chosen this idea of harmony, from the title track Moment, as the theme for the CD:

Once again, alone with you for the first time, I hear the harmony of the spheres through the humdrum of everyday life.


Following from the theme of harmony, we devote a portion of the CD to the peace programme that we performed in Norway in 2002 and in Kenya earlier this year (2003). In the peace programme we are joined by four street children (members of The Soccajasco Kids) who have been taught to play African percussion instruments by the prominent Nigerian professor, Meki Nzewi. Meki is also the composer of the focal work of the peace programme, One more voice. A Zulu praise singer, Prof. Themba Msimang, a special member of our peace ensemble, wrote a praise poem for Palissander.
As peace and harmony are closely entwined, we hope to use Moment to bring a little bit of peace to our common everyday existence, as well as to that of anyone who listens.
Track Composer/Arranger


The prayer of St Francis A Pote, arr. R Delgado
Psalm 23 Neil van der Watt
Hot Gates Christopher Torr, arr. Neil van der Watt
Bawo, Thixo Somandla Traditional, arr. J.S.M. Khumalo
One more voice Meki Nzewi
Peace I leave with you Knut Nystedt
Stille Nag Franz Gruber


Duo Seraphim Jakobus Gallus
Missa Hungarica Emöke Tavasszy
Bogoróditse Djévo Arvo Pärt
Adiemus Karl Jenkins
For the longest time Billy Joel, arr. Neil van der Watt
My lam Zane Cronjé & Amanda Strydom, arr. Sarita Hauptfleisch
Moment Laurinda Hofmeyr, arr. Sarita Hauptfleisch
Waltzing Matilda Traditional, arr. Swingle Singers
Rock around the clock Max C Freedman & Jimmy de Knight, arr. Nicholas Hare


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