Programme 2015

Man in the mirror

Man in the mirror

African call

Bertrand Gröger & Klaus Frech

There is too much violence in the world

Curse upon iron

Veljo Tormis

Prayer of the children

Kurt Bestor,
arr. Andrea Klouse

Lord, have mercy on us


arr. Mike Brewer


Mokale Koapeng/Roderick Williams

We dream to have peace, love and truth on the earth

We have a dream

Seppo Paakunainen

Brothers in arms

Mark Knopfler,
arr. Susanna Lukkarinen & Jouni Kannisto

To achieve this, we have to change in ourselves

Spieëltjie, spieëltjie

Bobby van Jaarsveld
Man in the mirror

Glen Ballard & Siedah Garrett

Ffe mwe, mwe ffe

Joan Szymko,
adapted Sarita Hauptfleisch

We need guidance in order to change


Paul Mealor

We learn to forgive and to love

Because of you

Niel van der Watt
Nature boy

Eden Ahbez,
arr. Michele Weir, adapted Sarita Hauptfleisch

Blessed are the peacemakers

Blessed is the man

Sergei Rachmaninoff


Niel van der Watt

Wana baraka

arr. Shawn Kirchner

A prayer of Desmond Tutu

James Whitbourn